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Stationary and transient 2-dimensional water flow

Stationary waterflow:
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Transient waterflow:
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In these two animations you can analyze the 2-dimensional distribution of pressure head, water content, and local pore water velocities in a profile with a defined 2-dimensional textural heterogeneity.

In the animation on left you examine the stationary water flow through a 2-dimensional structure and how it depends on the infiltration rate at the upper boundary. A flow field is stationary when its state variables (pressure head and water content) and also the local water velocities do not change with time, but vary in space depending on the distribution of the local hydraulic parameters which in turn depend on the local soil fabric.

In the animation on the right we examine the transient redistribution of water starting out from two different initial conditions. You can see how the system approaches a new stationary flow field.

These animations are based on simulations of the water flow through spatially different heterogeneities. In these examples the soil texture (particle size distribution) is a local property which considerable varies in space. The same case studies of differing structures are also used for the virtual field experiment.


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